Published breaches of the CIPR Code of Conduct

All members of the CIPR sign up to a code of professional conduct when they take out membership; this is a distinguishing feature of CIPR members and should give confidence to those who employ and hire them.

The code requires members to act with integrity, fairness and honesty and - as befits members of a professional institute governed by Royal Charter - to maintain the highest personal and professional standards at all times. View CIPR Code of Conduct.

Anyone may make a complaint about a CIPR member. In fact, the Institute receives relatively few complaints, and most are resolved informally, through negotiation. A small number are adjudicated in a formal hearing by the Professional Standards Panel. In these cases, if a member is found to have breached the Code, sanctions will be applied and the decision will normally be made public. Any such decisions taken within the last five years are set out below.

Colin Higgins (September 2014)

Tony Brunskill (September 2014)

Mariam al Alawi and Said al Harthy (August 2018)

Gillian Waddell (May 2019)