We'll post you an invoice and send you an email reminder a few weeks before your membership is due for renewal.


Your membership subscription is an annual fee and is non-transferable and non-refundable. Subscription fees vary by grade.

If your membership has been lapsed for more than 2 years you will need to complete a new application form and pay the £55 administration fee.

Claim tax back on your membership subscription

Your CIPR membership fee is tax deductible if you pay it yourself. Include your membership subscription in your annual tax return or write to your tax office with details of your subscription so that your tax code can be adjusted.

For more information, see Tax relief for employees (professional fees and subscriptions) on the HMRC website.

How to pay

You can pay:

  • online: have your membership number to hand
  • phone: call us on 00 44 (0) 20 7631 6900 and have your membership number handy
  • Direct Debit – save £20 (UK members on full rates only) and pay by quarterly instalments
  • BACS: use your membership number as your transaction reference otherwise we won't be able to allocate the payment to your account

iprovision donations

iprovision is the CIPR's benevolent fund which meets the needs of members who are seriously ill, experiencing hardship or without work. Unless you have told us you don't want to make a donation to iprovision, we'll add a £10 voluntary donation to your renewal invoice. Just let us know if you don't to pay this and we'll remove it from your invoice.

Cancelling your membership

If you decide you don't want to renew your membership, you can let us know (and provide feedback) via our cancellation form or by emailing We'd really like to know why you decided not to continue with your membership. Any feedback you provide will help us improve our services.

  • Paying by Direct Debit? Don't forget to let us know at least 5 days before the payment date and contact your bank to cancel the mandate.
  • CIPR accreditations: If you hold the Accredited Practitioner or Chartered Practitioner designation, these will lapse along with your membership.

Career breaks and changes

We aim to support our members throughout their careers and across career breaks. If you would like to apply for 1 of the following career break or discounted fee options, please contact the membership team.

  • Payment breaks – a 6-month 'payment break' after 2 years of continuous membership and another 6-month break after a further 3 years of continuous membership (so a total of 12 months payment break after 5 continuous years of membership). These breaks are designed to help you keep your membership, CPD, and accreditations active whilst you are on a short-term career break.
  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave (of at least 12 weeks) – up to 12 months of payment break. You will need to provide appropriate evidence of your leave arrangements.
  • Part-time (working fewer than 20 hours per week) – a 50% discount on the full membership rate for your grade. This rate is only valid for 1 year at a time so you will need to reapply for each year in which you are working part-time.
  • Retired rate (are not and will not in the future be earning any income)
  • Members receiving support from iprovision are exempt from the membership fee. To talk confidentially with iprovision, please email

Re-admissions to membership

Coming back into membership within 2 years of lapsing? You don't need to apply to re-join.