Mandy Pearse, Candidate for President-Elect, 2020

Nominated by:

Peter Holt 
Rachel Clamp 
John Brown 
Sarah Pinch 
Chris Taylor
Kerry Sheehan 
Dan Slee 
Rachel Miller 
Paul Compton 
Sarah Waddington 


My vision is to lead a modern PR movement that values diversity, positions public relations as a profession integral to organisational success and ensures the sustainability of the CIPR.

Here’s how…

1) I strongly believe that organisations need public relations to thrive. I will continue the excellent work, which has positioned the profession as a strategic management function through active engagement with the business community showing how ethical communication can enhance economic performance.

2) The CIPR needs to be seen nationally and globally as a thought leader on business issues such as AI and big data. I will draw upon our talent pool of Fellows and Chartered practitioners to deliver this.

3) My ambition is to continue the CIPR’s modernisation delivering more online learning, live streaming, engagement opportunities and building reciprocal arrangements with allied professional organisations. I also want to share the best practice I have seen within the public sector with the wider industry.

4) I will create a research fund to promote the study, research and development of PR where the results are published for the benefit of the wider PR community.

5) Volunteers are the lifeblood of the CIPR and I will reward them with development
opportunities as well as provide support to deliver greater member engagement in the nations, regions and sectors.

6) I will ensure membership represents value for money by ensuring learning opportunities are available to all regardless of location. Similarly, I will actively engage with members to ensure we truly are a member-led organisation.

About me
I am a highly experienced strategic adviser regularly working with Chairs, politicians and CEOs with my roots in business, marketing and research.

My MBA underlined for me the importance of leadership, ethical and strategic skills for today’s PR practitioner. I am keen to encourage others to become Chartered and develop the management expertise sought after by CEOs, increasing investment into public relations and unlocking people’s earning potential.

My board experience is significant having set up a multi-million pound charitable trust, and been elected to a Health Foundation Trust.

I am committed to CIPR. I sit on Board, have been on Council for five years and volunteered for ten, most recently as Chair of LPS and Policy Committees.

I understand the PR industry. I’ve worked in-house, run my own agency and consulted as an associate for others. I have particular experience of the public, construction, energy, technology and charitable sectors.

I am the first in my family to go to university, I’ve worked in male dominated environments and been the sole breadwinner. I know the challenge our members face in balancing family life with a demanding career.

Nine years ago I beat cancer. It was a life changing moment. I realised what motivates me is my profession and my career took a different direction.

I have drawn strength from my PR network and now want to help others with their own professional challenges through this great opportunity. I’d be grateful for your vote.