Rachel Royall, Candidate for President-Elect, 2020

Nominated by:

Alex Aiken 
Anne Gregory 
Advita Patel 
Jason Mackenzie 
Sally Sykes 
Ann Pilkington 
Laura Skaife-Knight 
Jim Donaldson 
Eva Maclaine 
Mary Whenman 


I am passionate about working with our PR community to make a positive impact on society. Now more than ever, the world needs authentic, transparent communications, founded in ethics and professionalism.

As CIPR President I’ll harness the energy and commitment of the volunteers and the CIPR team, who already work hard, to drive our industry forward.

If you work in PR, are a member of the CIPR and believe in the same things as me please vote. If you’re not yet a member - please join and get involved to help our profession achieve it’s true potential.

My commitments will be to:

#1 Champion PR’s role in leadership
I’ll be an ambassador for the strategic leadership role PR plays and create board level advocates for PR.

With the CIPR Board and Council, I’ll build on work that’s already begun to strengthen our relationships with business and public sector organisations, and advocate for PR’s contribution to good governance, sustainability and corporate decision making.

To maintain our relevance, we will listen to business, government, recruiters and academia so we can understand and influence their priorities. To enable this we will set-up a PR Business Value Forum with representatives from these sectors to better understand their needs and to prioritise our research to impact where it needs to. We will run development sessions for boards to increase understanding of PR as a strategic management function.

#2 Improve access to PR education and skills
As an industry we need to recognise our responsibility to the next generation, growing up surrounded by fake news, a rapidly changing media environment and digital technologies. We’ll help them navigate, understand and enhance our industry. We’ll promote PR as an exciting career choice, open to all and bring PR industry awareness and education into schools to develop a professional community that better reflects our diverse and socially mobile society.

Qualifications and training will focus on both strategic and tactical skills for future leaders and practitioners at all levels. We need to be excellent at strategy and tactics, developing and delivering communication plans that have clear outcomes.

#3 Listen, learn and grow our membership
I will welcome diverse views and embrace debate from all people working in PR and communication management so that the CIPR learns about the issues that need to be addressed. For example, the CIPR Health Group that I chair has been considering how we can support PR professionals’ wellbeing and help tackle the mental health issues facing society. If we don’t have a happy, healthy profession, we won’t achieve our great potential.

We’ll also focus on member engagement, making it easier than ever to reap the benefits of membership, and promoting opportunities to get more closely involved in the institute’s work. And recognising that our PR industry is world-leading, we’ll seek opportunities to export our qualifications and grow our international membership base.

I would love to hear your thoughts so please contact me @RachRoyall or via LinkedIN.