Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR

Share This: The Social Media Book for PR Professionals

This book is a development of the digital leadership provided to the profession by our Social Media Panel and like-minded collegues. The publication covers 26 different areas of development in the profession.

Social media is public relations. And this is a book by public relations professionals and experts in social media. If you′re a public relations professional, get the expertise and insights of the CIPR Social Media panel and impress your friends and clients. Gets a +1 from me. Like.

– Paul Mylrea FCIPR, CIPR President 2011, Director of Communications at the BBC.

There has never been a more exciting time to work in the public relations profession. Thanks to the internet, organisations who are able to engage with markets in a two–way conversation. But there is a growing chasm between those individuals that have the skills and expertise to work in this new market, and those that do not.

About this book

Share This is a practical handbook to the biggest changes taking place in the media and its professions by our Social Media Panel. The book was written by 24 public relations practitioners representing a cross-section of public, private and voluntary sector expertise using many of the social tools and techniques that it addresses.

The book has 26 chapters with more than 8 topic areas covering the media and public relations industry, planning, social networks, online media relations, monitoring and measurement, skills, industry change and the future of the industry. It's a pragmatic guide for anyone that works in public relations and wants to continue working in the industry.

Preview: Chapter One of 'Share This'

Download Chapter One – an Introduction to Social Networks, by Katy Howell (PDF format, opens in new window.)

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