As an authoritative voice on the business and practice of public relations, the CIPR is dedicated to raising standards in public relations.

The speed of information, emergence of technology and need for new skills and innovation means it is crucial that PR professionals and businesses remain informed and equipped.

Our policy agenda provides relevant and useful information and seeks to increase knowledge on key issues affecting the industry.

Our policy topics are as follows:

  • Copyright - provide up-to-date guidance and advice on copyright legislation, and fight complexity in the field of copyright licensing to ease the burden on the business of PR
  • Data Protection (GDPR) Members only - the General Data Protection Regulation is a challenge and an opportunity for public relations
  • Diversity – alongside the Diversity and Inclusion Forum our diversity strategy aims to develop an inclusive culture, raise awareness of diversity within the PR industry, and increase the number of PR practitioners from all backgrounds
  • Ethics – foster understanding of ethical issues and guidelines, ensuring integration into our activities. Promote our Code of Conduct and maintain a robust disciplinary process
  • Gender pay - we are committed to enabling the PR industry to narrow the gender pay gap with immediate and future action
  • Lobbying - we will the lead the development of high professional standards, transparency, and accountability in lobbying and public affairs
  • Research – we are charged through our Royal Charter with ensuring that there is a solid research foundation in place for the future development of public relations practice. We publish annual benchmarking studies and collaborate with external organizations to share profession defining research

CIPR Manifesto

The CIPR Manifesto was delivered to provoke an open and informed debate ahead of the 2015 UK General Election. The document focuses on seven issues and challenges that the Institute believes the Government should seek to address.

Member Groups, Committees and Working Groups

Our policy and campaigns agenda is informed by the work of member committees and working groups. Find out more:

NB Skills guides and best practice guides can be found on our CPD page. These cover issues within the main policy areas, as well as topics such as social media and inclusive communications. Find out more here.