Diversity and Inclusion Forum

The CIPR's Diversity and Inclusion Forum, formerly known as the Diversity Working Group, seeks to develop an inclusive culture within public relations by raising general awareness of diversity issues and increasing numbers of public relations practitioners from all backgrounds.


  1. Promote equal access opportunities by raising awareness of the business and ethical cases for diversity and inclusion in public relations.
  2. Improve understanding of the importance of planning and delivering inclusive communications, and factoring diverse audiences into campaign management.
  3. Be the voice and represent the interests of public relations professionals from diverse backgrounds.


The Diversity and Inclusion's remit is broad. 'Diversity' is an all-encompassing term acknowledging differences such as gender, ethnicity, sexuality, socio-economic background, disability, religion/faith and age. The Forum believe public relations campaigns are more effective when created and delivered by teams that are representative of the audiences they seek to engage. There are both strong moral and business cases for diversity in public relations.


  • Rajmeena Aujla MCIPR
  • Cornelius Alexander Found. Chart. PR, FCIPR
  • Andrew Barratt
  • Harish Bhayani
  • Mark Burey
  • Catherine Grinyer MCIPR (Chair)
  • Jordan Kenny
  • Avril Lee MCIPR
  • Alex Louis MCIPR
  • Rosalind Moffitt
  • Godwin Ohaja
  • Ryan Woor

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The CIPR is a proud supporter of the Taylor Bennett Foundation.

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If you would like to learn more about the CIPR's Diversity Working Group, please email Policy Officer Phil M or call 020 7631 6900.