Our research and reports

We conduct research and reports on issues impacting our members and the wider profession.

Brexit and Public Relations 2018

A research report surveying PR professionals into how prepared they and their organisations and clients are for the impact of Brexit. This report includes CIPR’s advice on how to begin those preparations.

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CIPR State of the Profession 2017

The eighth edition of 'State of the Profession' to offers a compelling snapshot of UK public relations industry. #StateOfPR 2017 reflects the views of more than 1500 practitioners and evidences the continuing professionalisation of PR practice. The survey also reports on issues including salaries, skills, diversity and the impact of Brexit.

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Packed with insight from twenty CIPR regional, national and sector groups, #PR2017 offers a compelling snapshot of the challenges and events impacting public relations in 2017. The report harnesses local intelligence and sector-specific information to deliver powerful insights essential for communications planning.

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CIPR State of the Profession 2016

Delivered in partnership with Survation, the seventh edition of 'State of the Profession' gives evidence to burgeoning cross-industry convergence between PR and marketing; the increasing demand for practitioners to be content creators and curators; and, unprecedented detail on industry issues, including an extensive breakdown of gender pay, found to be the most unequal at the most senior levels.

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From Diversity to Inclusion: The Progression of Equality in Public Relations and Challenges for the Future

Published in December 2015, From Diversity to Inclusion [PDF] is a qualitative exploration of attitudes and experiences towards diversity issues impacting public relations.

Conducted by the CIPR's Diversity Working Group, the report delves deep into views of over 30 PR professionals who shared their views in an innovative digital research project and took part in roundtable discussions held in London and Leeds.

The findings point towards the need for Public Relations to adopt a mature approach to diversity and inclusion. The report reveals that PR must take ownership of the diversity agenda by delivering inclusive leadership and ensuring inclusive communications are factored into campaign planning.

CIPR State of the Profession 2014/15

The CIPR State of the Profession Survey 2014/15, conducted in partnership with Survation, covered the trends, issues, opportunities and challenges facing the business of public relations as revealed by research conducted with over 2,000 PR professionals.

For the first time, the research analysed the 'Educational background' of PR practitioners, 'Happiness & wellbeing', and an in-depth analysis of 'Gender balance & equal pay'. This is in addition to covering 'Skills & competencies', 'Salaries', 'Diversity', 'Budgets', 'Public relations strategy & the board', 'Hallmarks of professionalism', 'The changing nature of public relations', and 'Future challenges'.

Measurement survey 2015

In Spring 2015, the CIPR conducted a survey of members to assess attitudes and industry trends relating to research, planning, measurement and evaluation. As well as providing the industry with a useful benchmark, the results of the survey highlight a series of key challenges facing the profession.

Science public relations and communication

In October 2014, the CIPR and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published a new research study examining the roles and tasks of science PR and communications professionals.

The research, undertaken by Chalkstream Communications, aims to develop a broader understanding about the types of practice and the potential for improving support for science PR and communications in the UK.

CIPR Internships Survey 2014

New CIPR research shows internships are failing as a means of increasing social and ethnic diversity in the Public Relations workforce and failing to provide consistent learning and development opportunities for aspiring professionals.

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CIPR 2013/2014 State of the Profession: Annual Benchmarking Survey

Our 2013/2014 State of the PR Profession Survey, carried out by ComRes, investigated how our profession is changing. The survey focuses on the shift in skills, priorities and knowledge for the 21st century communicator, and by answering this questionnaire you will help us provide a valuable snapshot of not just the UK PR profession today, but where we are heading.

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Future Perspectives: A study of 16- to 18-year-olds' perceptions of public relations

In March 2013, our Diversity Working Group released the 'Future Perspectives' report which revealed students' attitudes towards the public relations profession and found that BME students are more likely than the total student population to consider a career in public relations.

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CIPR 2013 State of the PR Profession: Annual Benchmarking Member Survey

Our 2013 Annual State of the PR Profession Survey of over 1,200 members, carried out by ComRes, reveals that the future of the industry looks bright with professionals taking on skills, responsibilities and roles not previously considered in the public relations remit as they aim to influence both communications and business strategy in the boardroom.

CIPR and Hanson Search: Getting the Balance Right

This is a study into the maternity into the impact of maternity leave on the communications industry and its implications for postive change.

The report contains the following best practice reccomendations:

  • Creating the Right Company Culture
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Devising a Maternity Comeback Framework
  • Reappraising the Legal Situation

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PR 2020

Dr Jon White's Future of PR 2020 research is the first project of the recently-formed Chartered Institute of Public Relations Research and Development Unit. Scenario planning meetings were held with the Institute's regional and special interest groups from July to the end of October 2011.

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CIPR 2011 State of the PR Profession: Annual Benchmarking Member Survey

Our 2011 Annual State of the PR Profession Survey of over 1,500 members, carried out by ComRes, reveals that that despite the on-going impact of the economic downturn upon PR practitioners, the profession continues to adjust and find ways of exploring new opportunities.

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Financial Services Survey

The role of communicators in a changing environment survey was conducted by VMA Group and in association with our Corporate and Financial Group. This is the largest ever survey of financial services communications professionals.

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CIPR 2010 State of the PR Profession: Annual Benchmarking Member Survey

Our 2010 Annual State of the PR Profession Survey of almost 2,000 members, carried out by ComRes, reveals that while the profession has remained resilient, with slight increases in the majority of communications budgets, economic pressure continues.

CIPR 2009 State of the PR Profession: Annual Benchmarking Member Survey

Our 2009 member survey 'The state of the profession' reveals that the PR industry has remained resilient in the face of the recession. This report, undertaken in partnership with ComRes, surveyed some 2,000 CIPR members and examines their views of the recession and how PR has fared in these challenging times.

Improving Performance: Professional Purchasing in Public Relations

The most authoritative PR procurement toolkit published to date, 'Improving Performance' has been produced in partnership with the Central Office of Information (COI) and Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS).

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The Business of Diversity - How Performance Can be Improved by Embracing Diversity

The UK's increasing diversity poses new business opportunities and imperatives - and this is a field where PR has a crucial role to play. It makes clear business sense to engage with our changing society - and that means understanding, and being sensitive to, cultural beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, gender and so on. This report will help PR practitioners to understand the business case for embracing social diversity.

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The Economic Significance of Public Relations

A report on the importance and economic contribution of PR.

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