Internship and Work Placement toolkit

We are committed to best practice opportunities for those entering the profession. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide future practitioners with a platform from which they can achieve the highest quality of learning and development.

In brief:

  • The CIPR advocates that all work placements or internships in public relations should be paying at least The Living Wage – not doing so denies access to the profession to certain socio-economic groups
  • Legally, workers aren't entitled to the minimum wage if both of the following apply:
    - they're working for a charity, voluntary organisation, associated fund raising body or a statutory body
    - they don't get paid, except for limited benefits (eg reasonable travel or lunch expenses)
  • A complaint could be raised against any CIPR member who has contracted a member of staff to pay them only expenses or below the minimum wage to work for them (if the above exceptions don't apply)
  • The only legal exception to the above is for those on sandwich placements as part of their studies

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The toolkit, first published in 2011, is for all public relations practitioners to create internships or work experience programmes that allow those considering a career in PR to gain as much practical experience as possible and includes information on how to plan a placement, recruit participants, set objectives and evaluate. Legal and CIPR guidance on paying participants The Living Wage is also included.