Online Public Relations

David Phillips FCIPR
Philip Young

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About this book

The internet has totally revolutionised the practice of public relations. this revolution has not only affected the way PR professionals communicate but has changed the nature of communication itself. This thoroughly revised, second edition of Online Public Relations shows readers how to use this potent and energizing medium intelligently and effectively.

The authors explore the growth of social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr, and of virtual environments, virtual communities, information sharing sites and blogs. Public relations practitioners must now explore and experiment with new technologies and new ways of thinking to get their message across – and in an environment that has been made far more transparent, due to social media.

Providing valuable advice and guidance, this fully updated new edition also includes information about:

  • New models of information exchange;
  • The commercial implications of the internet;
  • Developing online public relations strategies;
  • Risks, opportunities and corporate social responsibility.

This second edition is a timely and authorative overview of the new online PR. Any PR progessional wanting to conduct business in the modern interconnected world will regard this book as a must.

Who should buy this book?

Any PR professional wanting to conduct his or her business in the modern interconnected world will regard this book as a must.

About the author

David Phillips FCIPR has written three books about online PR, lectures at Gloucester University and Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Lisbon, Portugal and is also the Head of Digital Consultancy at Publicasity.

Philip Young is a senior lecturer in public relations at the University of Sunderland and a lead researcher on the European Public Relations Education and Research Association's EuroBlog project.