Do's and don’ts for displaying and distributing TV footage internally and externally

If your client has given a TV interview and you think it's a good idea for them to do something with it – such as share with employees, clients and /or investors – it's important to follow best practise in terms of advising on using the piece.

The key thing to note is that copyright for an interview or news piece generally resides with the broadcaster, so always check with either their legal, library or commercial teams as to the situation regarding using their footage. In asking the editorial team, please be aware that licensing footage does not come under their remit.

Please don't tell your client that they can post TV footage to their intranet, or website or social media site (or YouTube or Vimeo account) without getting the necessary license. What you will be telling them to do is illegal and a breach of copyright. Sharing footage without the necessary license is a criminal and civil offence. The individual concerned can be fined and even imprisoned, and the company can also face significant fines (up to seven figures).

Please note that sharing an interview internally also requires a license, unless it's just the interviewee, his/her family and the PR team viewing it (which broadcasters accept is a review copy). We supply free review copies on behalf of several broadcasters.

Not only that, there are a few license terms and conditions that vary slightly by broadcaster, and that cover what a client is and isn't allowed to do with the footage, so getting a license is the first (and main step) to displaying and distributing TV content legally.

EI (Executive Interviews) works for many of these broadcasters globally; we are their licensing agent and if we don't work for a broadcaster directly, in all likelihood we will know who to contact and what the situation is regarding licensing of the content.

Please note that, despite what you might have been told, no media monitoring agency is allowed to offer footage for display or distribution on intranets or websites. This includes distribution via their own platform to a wide internal audience. Media monitors are generally allowed to offer review copies, which cover review by the interviewee, his/her family, the PR teams, the compliance team and for media training.

Linking to a broadcaster website is usually allowed for a commercial organisation (although not always) and no license is required. Please check the legal terms on individual broadcaster websites. Embedding from the site is generally not allowed. Again, check with the broadcaster, or we can advise. Display and distribution via intranets, portals, apps, emails, websites, newsletters, in canteens, at conferences etc. requires a license. There are several types of license and we can provide the appropriate one, given the need. We also provide the footage in whatever format makes it easy to publish. Neither the NLA, nor the CLA cover licensing of broadcaster footage.

Providing the necessary footage and license for display takes 1 to 2 hours. Prices vary dependent on what you require (internal versus external), 6 months or 12, volumes etc. and can be as low as £400 per clip although ad-hoc requirements are usually £1,000 to £2,000.

For more details, visit the Executive Interviews website.