PR Pays

The CIPR's #PRpays campaign aims to highlight the strategic value of public relations to the business community. The campaign will champion the benefits of PR through a series of exclusive video interviews and podcasts with senior business leaders. 


Public relations is widely misunderstood and undervalued by businesses leaders. From risk analysis to internal communication, PR professionals have the capacity to deliver unparalleled insight for organisations across the world. 

PR Pays aims to e
ncourage a shift in the perception of public relations from a tactical discipline to a strategic function for modern businesses. The campaign forms a focal part of CIPR's ambition  to assert the value of public relations as a strategic management function. 

Exclusive interviews

  • Heathrow Airport Chief Executive Officer, John Holland-Kaye 
  • Energy UK Chief Executive, Lawrence Slade


For information on the campaign contact Senior Policy Officer Jon Gerlis or Public Relations Manager Koray Camgoz