Hack day #3 - Social media and crisis communications

On Tuesday 8 September 2015, the CIPR Social Media Panel organised a Hack Day on Social Media and Crisis Communications to generate and capture collaborative debate and produce content in real-time, for the benefit of CIPR members and the wider PR and digital community.

Skills guide: Social media and crisis communications

This document was created by #CIPRSM after an in-depth discussion that covered how different companies, airlines and government departments handled situations of crisis and, in particular, their use of social media. This 9-page guide covers the role social media plays in a crisis and outlines key points to consider when such events occur.

The guide will net you 5 CPD points. Members can save and download this guide exclusively from our collection of over 50 skills guides.

Video: Asda's Dom Burch on horsemeat and social media

Dom Burch at Asda talks about the role of social media in crisis communications. He discusses how the Asda PR team handled the horsemeat scandal as well as shares his views on social media monitoring tools and other relevant anecdotes.

Social Shorts slide decks

At the close of the hack day expert speakers were invited to give presentations on case studies and examples of best-practice in social media and crisis communication. Presentations are available to download from the following speakers:

Podcast: CIPR C-suite series - Crisis Comms

CIPR Social Media Panel member, Russell Goldsmith, is joined by CIPR President and MD of Pinch Point Communications, Sarah Pinch, Stephen Humphreys, Director of Communications at the Food Standards Agency and Andrew Vincent, Associate Partner at Instinctif Partners, to discuss Social Medias impact on Crisis Communications.

Storify of #CIPRCHAT

During the Hack Day, the panel held a lively tweet chat to exchange expertise and best practice tips through social. Read a summary of the tweet chat below.