Recruiting public relations staff

When the search is on to employ a PR practitioner, recruiters need to be confident that the person they choose for the role has up-to-date skills and reflects best practice in their work.

Confidence comes from employing a member of the CIPR as membership demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of both work and ethics. Taking this further, a member who is registered for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or is an Accredited or Chartered Practitioner, reflects the importance the individual places on their professional learning and development.

What can you do?

The CIPR's Professional Development and Membership Committee has approved wording for members to include in job/person specifications. You can also forward this to your HR department to make them aware of the type of person you want to recruit to your team.

Depending on the role and level of person being recruited, suggested wording for your person specification is:


  • member of a relevant professional body, (e.g. CIPR or equivalent)
  • committed to CPD with the CIPR, ideally an Accredited or Chartered PR Practitioner
  • in possession of (or working towards) a PR qualification from the CIPR or equivalent.

A guide to recruiting for public relations roles

The CIPR and one of its Parners, Reuben Sinclair has teamed up to create a free PDF guide on how to conduct a successful recruitment process for PR and Communications roles.