Academic journals

Website issues:

Due to continuing website issues access to the academic journals has been compromised.  Temporary access to CIPR students has been granted by Emerald Publishing to the following publications:

  • Corporate Communications: An International Journal; and
  • Journal of Communications Management

Access is available via the Emerald website and you will need to register an account with Emerald before you can view the journals.  This is fairly straightforward but if you do encounter any issues the following might be useful:

How to gain temporary access to Academic Journals via the Emerald Website (pdf - opens in new window)

Emerald have also provided the following support web pages:

Public Relations Review

The provider of this journal has given us a number of temporary unique registration details   If you require access to the Public Relations Review please email Bruce Gomeze ( and he will provide you with the relevant information and instructions for creating an account with Elsevier.

Please note that the following links are still inactive:

The journals and issues you will be able to download are as follows:

Queries regarding this facility should be directed to Bernadette Eveleigh, Senior Awarding Body Officer, email