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Reading List

Each CIPR-accredited teaching centre will establish the detailed content, lesson plans and resources provide to candidates for this qualification.

Your teaching centre may have its own reading list and you are advised to check this with them at the beginning of your studies. 

You may also find the following recommended texts useful:

Recommended texts:

Guth, D and Marsh, C (2011): Public Relations: A Values Driven Approach, 5th edition. London: Pearson.
Heath, R Ed. (2010) Handbook of Public Relations, 2nd edition. London: Sage
Lattimore, D (2011): Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice, 4th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill.
L'Etang, J (2007). Public Relations: Concepts, Practice and Critique. London: Sage
Tench, R & Yeomans, L Eds. (2014). Exploring Public Relations, 4th edition. Harlow: Pearson Education

Further reading:

AMEC (2010). Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles.
Download file (PDF format, opens in a new window)
AMEC (2011). Valid Metrics for PR Measurement.
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Blaxter, L, Hughes, C & Tight, M (2006) How to Research. Milton Keynes: Open University Press
Bryman, A & Bell, E (2015). Business Research Methods 4th edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press
Coombs, W & Holliday, S (2010). PR Strategy and Application. Chichester: Wiley
Cornelissen, J (2017). Corporate Communications: Theory and Practice. London: Sage
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Curtin, C & Gaither, T (2007). International Public Relations. London: Sage
Daymon, C & Holloway, I (2011) Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing Communications, 2nd edition. London: Routledge
Denscombe, M (2010). The Good Research Guide for Small-scale Social Research Projects, 4th edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press.
Edwards, L & Hodges, E (2011). Public Relations, Society & Culture. London:Routledge
Freitag, R & Stokes, A (2009) Global Public Relations. London: Routledge
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Phillips, D & Young, P (2015) Online Public Relations: A Strategic Approach. 3rd edition. London: Kogan Page
Regester, M., & Larkin, J. (2008) Risk Issues and Crisis Management, 4th edition. London: Kogan Page
Seitel, F (2011). The Practice of Public Relations, 11th edition. Harlow:Perason Education
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