Recognition and exemption

We collaborate with UK and overseas universities to recognise degrees awarded by them and by having the CIPR Diploma and Advanced Certificate recognised by the universities.

Exemption from degree requirements by completion of the CIPR Diploma

CIPR Diploma graduates who plan to undertake studies leading to an MA/MSc in communications are exempt from up to one third (60 credit points) of the programme. Partnerships are currently in place with Queen Margaret's University, Edinburgh, University of Stirling, Manchester Metropolitan University, Leeds Metropolitan University, London Metropolitan University, University of Central Lancashire and Leeds Trinity and All Saints.

View further information relating to each of the above arrangements, including contact details for the institutions listed.

Exemption from CIPR qualification units following degree completion

Exemption from a unit of a CIPR qualification is granted on the demonstration that the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the relevant unit/s have been attained within the award held. Partnerships are currently in place with the London School of Economics (LSE), Bucharest University, Singidunum University, Belgrade and the Swiss PR Institute. Graduates of these institutes are exempt from specified units of the CIPR Diploma. Our partnerships with the University of Greenwich and Leeds Metropolitan University exempts graduates of the stated degree programmes from all three units of the Advanced Certifcate in PR.

View further information relating to each of the above arrangements.

If you have a general or more specific query, please email Sukhjit Singh Grewal.