CIPR awarding body

The CIPR Awarding Body awards, develops, regulates and controls the CIPR Diploma, CIPR Advanced Certificate, Foundation Award, Internal Communication Certificate / Diploma and Public Affairs Diploma. Its full remit is to:

  • rule upon the entry qualifications that students must possess to enrol on CIPR courses
  • set the syllabus of individual qualifications
  • accredit and monitor teaching centres from both the public and private sectors to deliver courses that follow the syllabuses
  • establish and regulate assessment processes
  • award qualifications
  • control certification
  • collaborate with its teaching centres in the provision of student services, ensuring that all students have equal opportunities
  • investigate and make decisions on reported cases of student or centre malpractice
  • arrange for the independent review of appeals from students and centres
  • liaise with the national regulatory authorities as appropriate
  • set the criteria for appointment of CIPR examiners.

The CIPR Awarding Body discharges these duties through the Professional Development & Membership Committee. All correspondence for the CIPR Awarding Body should be directed in the first instance to the CIPR Qualifications Department.