John Whyte-Venables MCIPR

John Whyte-Venables


John Whyte-Venables is a mobile journalism (mojo) evangelist and trainer and believes passionately in the role mojo has to play in the future of PR. 

He delivers the CIPR's Creating Video Content for the Web, Making Smartphone Video for Social Media and Smartphone Video Masterclass. He is also a media interview trainer with 30 years' experience.

A former BBC multimedia journalist and Press Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge, John is the author of two journalism textbooks, 'What is News?' and 'Handling Media Interviews'.

His background is in BBC radio, television and online news as a reporter and trainer.

After taking a degree in Modern History, Politics and Philosophy at Southampton University John gained a postgraduate diploma in radio journalism at Highbury College, Portsmouth.

Joining the BBC as a local radio reporter, he went on to work across a wide range of news outlets as a general news reporter and as a science and environment correspondent.

He also trained BBC journalists, including some of the BBC's top correspondents, and set up and ran the BBC's local radio school in Bucharest, Romania.