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  • Agile project management

    One-day course (PR planning, measurement & evaluation) | CIPR

    This course will help you develop your project management skills, demonstrate the use of a variety of agile project management tools and how these can help you to deliver effective, timely and cost effective communication programmes.

  • Account management

    One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    If you are moving into PR management, this course will help you take control and responsibility for shaping and delivering PR campaigns.

  • Positive influencing skills


    This course will show you how to negotiate and achieve win-win results through effective communication.

  • Presentation skills & public speaking


    This course will help you become more confident when speaking in front of audiences.

  • Time management and personal effectiveness


    Attendance on this course will help you to develop a positive and effective approach to manage your time and workload. You will learn how to eliminate, delegate, and streamline your tasks and examine the reasons why some people procrastinate and what can be done about it.

  • Introduction to internal communication


    This course provides the basic knowledge needed to work in the field of internal communication.

  • Practical public affairs


    This course will provide a broad insight into the skills required for lobbying and political communication, dispelling myths and developing practical skills in public affairs.

  • Stakeholder engagement


    This course outlines the notion of a stakeholder and provides best practice advice on how to engage with stakeholders in order to achieve organisational goals.

  • Introduction to PR strategy & planning campaigns


    This course will show you how to pull together a professional, strategic PR campaign from scratch.

  • Planning & managing PR campaigns


    This course examines what is involved in public relations campaign management. It will provide you with the knowledge on project management practices and tools.

  • Handling media interviews & crisis communication

    Two-day course (Crisis & reputation) | CIPR

    This comprehensive two-day course provides practical experience and guidance on giving standard media interviews as well as how to handle the media in times of crisis. It enables you, or the spokespeople you support, to become powerful advocates for your organisation when carrying out any type of media interview, proactive or reactive. The course also helps you develop the skills and confidence to deal with major incidents and explores how to develop workable crisis responses at individual and organisational level.

  • Introduction to PR

    Two-day course (PR introductions) | CIPR

    This interactive two-day course will give you a solid grounding in practical Public Relations. You'll learn about what PR is, what it involves, and the value it brings. Our trainers will introduce and explain a range of different communication tools and techniques, and you'll take part in practical exercises to help you build the writing, planning and relationship building skills needed to thrive in early and mid-level PR roles.

  • Content management

    Two-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    This two-day course provides PR practitioners with a thorough grounding in content management. It will show the importance of valued content as a constituent of any PR programme, as well as providing guidelines on developing a content strategy framework, content curation, creation and distribution, available tools and the measurement and evaluation of any PR-driven content marketing efforts.

  • Measuring & evaluating PR

    Two-day course (PR planning, measurement & evaluation) | CIPR

    The aim of this two-day course is to bring you up-to-date on the latest developments and guidance on planning and measurement.

  • Mastering the art of copywriting

    Two-day course (Writing) | CIPR

    This interactive two-day course looks at how copywriting differs from press release and business writing and provides you with a new set of skills.

  • Writing for online audiences


    This course will show you how to produce engaging high quality online content.

  • Writing newsletters and magazines


    This practical course shows you how to produce interesting, engaging publications that people want to read.

  • Writing better press releases


    This course will show you how to write effective news releases that communicate your organisation’s messages and help to build their reputation.

  • Writing for impact and creativity


    This course will help you to tap into your creativity and incorporate it into everyday writing tasks.

  • Writing skills for PR


    This course outlines the principles of effective writing and demonstrates how to apply them to everyday public relations writing tasks.