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  • One-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    Learn how to effectively integrate social media and digital into your public relations strategy and implement best social media practice across your organisation.

  • One-day course (Planning, measurement & evaluation) | CIPR

    This course outlines the notion of a stakeholder and provides best practice advice on how to engage with stakeholders in order to achieve organisational goals.

  • One-day course (Internal communication) | CIPR

    Explore the link between engagement and business performance, and discover how to engage senior management teams and line managers in your internal communication strategy.

  • Two-day course (Management & leadership) | CIPR

    Successfully analyse the wider environment in which you’re working. This course aids strategic thinking in all areas in which an organisation might trade or compete.

  • One-day course (Management & leadership) | CIPR

    This course illustrates how psychology can increase the impact of your campaigns on the attitudes and behaviours of your stakeholders.

  • One-day course (Personal development) | CIPR

    Learn how to eliminate, delegate and streamline your tasks, and examine the reasons why some people procrastinate and what can be done about it.

  • One-day course (Writing & editorial) | CIPR

    This course will show you how to write effective news releases that communicate your organisation’s messages and help to build its reputation.

  • One-day course (Writing & editorial) | CIPR

    This practical course shows you how to produce interesting, engaging publications that people want to read.

  • One-day course (Writing & editorial) | CIPR

    Learn how to tap into your creativity and inject life into your everyday writing.

  • One-day course (Writing & editorial) | CIPR

    Anyone who wants to learn how to effectively adapt their writing for digital channels.

  • One-day course (Writing & editorial) | CIPR

    Develop and adapt your writing skills for various purposes and audiences with this introduction to effective writing principles and different writing styles.