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  • One-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    This course is aimed at PR professionals who are not achieving the results they want from their use of social media – either as individuals or on behalf of an organisation. It provides an overview of when and why you would use social media and what it can achieve, the tools and platforms available, and how to use them efficiently.

  • One-day course (Crisis & reputation) | CIPR

    This course encourages you to consider the role of public relations in reputation management.

  • One-day course (Crisis & reputation) | CIPR

    This strategic-level course is about embedding reputational risk in your organisation’s management processes, with a view to predicting and preventing crises, and mitigating reputational damage when they do occur. You will learn how to identify and prioritise reputational risk issues and how to turn them to advantage. You will also learn to define where reputational risk lies when a crisis hits, and how to respond effectively to that.

  • One-day course (Internal communication) | CIPR

    This course demonstrates how engaging with senior teams and building line manager capability connects employees with organisational goals.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    If you are moving into PR management, this course will help you take control and responsibility for shaping and delivering PR campaigns.

  • One-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    FORMERLY - Making Movies with iPhones & iPads - This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to shoot, edit and upload powerful, punchy high-definition videos using just a smartphone or iPad and a minimum of inexpensive accessories and apps.