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  • This course allows high-performing Managers to consider how leadership style and culture affect results, and provides effective tools to lead in line with organisational direction.

  • Two-day course (PR planning, measurement & evaluation) | CIPR

    The aim of this two-day course is to bring you up-to-date on the latest developments and guidance on planning and measurement.

  • Two-day course (Writing) | CIPR

    This interactive two-day course looks at how copywriting differs from press release and business writing and provides you with a new set of skills.

  • Discover how to implement KPIs and objectives that fit strategically and tactically. Managers learn how to define and use measurable objectives to achieve strong, directional performance.

  • One-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    FORMERLY - Making Movies with iPhones & iPads - This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to shoot, edit and upload powerful, punchy high-definition videos using just a smartphone or iPad and a minimum of inexpensive accessories and apps.

  • One-day course (PR introductions) | CIPR

    This course will show you how to pull together a professional, strategic PR campaign from scratch.

  • Two-day course (PR introductions) | CIPR

    This interactive two-day course will give you a solid grounding in practical Public Relations. You'll learn about what PR is, what it involves, and the value it brings. Our trainers will introduce and explain a range of different communication tools and techniques, and you'll take part in practical exercises to help you build the writing, planning and relationship building skills needed to thrive in early and mid-level PR roles.

  • One-day course (Internal communication) | CIPR

    This course provides the basic knowledge needed to work in the field of internal communication. It explores the role of internal communication as part of the broader communication mix and how it makes a positive contribution to the performance of any organisation.

  • One-day course (Financial management) | CIPR

    Breaking down the jargon and explaining the basics of managing finances, this course will help you to improve your ability to manage financial tasks and become more confident in reading, understanding and presenting financial stats and figures. This course is delivered in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW).

  • Two-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    This practical two-day training course will give you the knowledge and skills to shoot, edit and upload quality video to get your messages across.

  • Two-day course (Crisis & reputation) | CIPR

    This comprehensive two-day course provides practical experience and guidance on giving standard media interviews as well as how to handle the media in times of crisis. It enables you, or the spokespeople you support, to become powerful advocates for your organisation when carrying out any type of media interview, proactive or reactive. The course also helps you develop the skills and confidence to deal with major incidents and explores how to develop workable crisis responses at individual and organisational level.

  • One-day course (Writing) | CIPR

    This practical workshop is packed with examples and exercises that will help you write clearly and concisely, and proofread more effectively.

  • One-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    This course lifts the lid on Google Analytics for public relations professionals. It provides an introduction to data-driven PR and an insight into how to use Google Analytics to measure and prove the value of PR and social media activity.

  • One-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    This course is aimed at PR professionals who are not achieving the results they want from their use of social media – either as individuals or on behalf of an organisation. It provides an overview of when and why you would use social media and what it can achieve, the tools and platforms available, and how to use them efficiently.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    This course examines management of self and the role of emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness in managing individuals and teams.

  • One-day course (Media relations) | CIPR

    This course will introduce you to today's media landscape and show you how to navigate it.

  • One-day course (Media relations) | CIPR

    This course will provide practical insight into how journalists and news outlets use social media for their work and how public relations and communications professionals can engage with them on these platforms.

  • One-day course (Crisis & reputation) | CIPR

    This one day course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be able to manage communication responses in times of crisis. The course will also help you to develop the confidence to deal with major incidents and will demonstrate how to develop a workable crisis response plan.

  • One-day course (Crisis & reputation) | CIPR

    This new course is designed to enable you to create an effective Crisis Communications Plan relevant to your own organisation, in order to safeguard reputation when it is under threat.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    This course establishes the importance of strategy in developing public relations plans and programmes and in implementing and managing public relations activities.


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