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  • Two-day course (Digital PR & social media) | CIPR

    This two-day course provides PR practitioners with a thorough grounding in content management. It will show the importance of valued content as a constituent of any PR programme, as well as providing guidelines on developing a content strategy framework, content curation, creation and distribution, available tools and the measurement and evaluation of any PR-driven content marketing efforts.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    This course shows you how to identify organisational cultures and develop a high engagement culture.

  • One-day course (Internal communication) | CIPR

    This course provides practical guidance, techniques and real world examples of communicating change to internal audiences.

  • One-day course (Financial management) | CIPR

    Just like any communication plan, good financial planning starts with words and follows a simple logical path. This course will demonstrate the steps and processes that will help you with financial planning for your communication activities. It will also show you how to read and work with financial documents such as budgets sheets and management accounts and will “translate” the language of accountants into plain English.

  • One-day course (PR planning, measurement & evaluation) | CIPR

    This course will help you develop your project management skills, demonstrate the use of a variety of agile project management tools and how these can help you to deliver effective, timely and cost effective communication programmes.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    If you are moving into PR management, this course will help you take control and responsibility for shaping and delivering PR campaigns.