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  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    If you are moving into PR management, this course will help you take control and responsibility for shaping and delivering PR campaigns.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    This course shows you how to identify organisational cultures and develop a high engagement culture.

  • This course establishes the importance of strategy in developing public relations plans and programmes and in implementing and managing public relations activities.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    This course examines management of self and the role of emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness in managing individuals and teams.

  • Discover how to implement KPIs and objectives that fit strategically and tactically. Managers learn how to define and use measurable objectives to achieve strong, directional performance.

  • This course allows high-performing Managers to consider how leadership style and culture affect results, and provides effective tools to lead in line with organisational direction.

  • Successfully analyse the wider environment in which you’re working. This course aids strategic thinking in all areas in which an organisation might trade or compete.

  • One-day course (Management and leadership) | CIPR

    This course illustrates how psychology can increase the impact of your campaigns on the attitudes and behaviours of your stakeholders.