Ask the Guru: Employer Branding in the age of the naked organisation

In partnership with Weber Shandwick, our next Ask The Guru event will be 'Employer Branding in the age of the naked organisation'

Business is coming under fire from all angles: activist investors, a hostile media, campaigning NGOs and disgruntled employees. In this context your Employer Brand has become an important tool to help you manage these reputation challenges, describing what your business stands for and your promise to the people you employee.

But this can't just be a few aspirational words or a series of beautifully executed job adverts. Your Employer Brand needs to reflect the reality of life in your organisation and be a genuine reflection of the employee experience people will receive if they choose to join you. With the emergence of and other social media platforms the a gap between the promise and the reality will be broadcast to the world and diminish the impact of all the efforts to build your reputation as a great place to work.  In the "war for talent", this is the frontline that you need to win on every day.

We will outline:

- The factors that are in make organisations more exposed to criticism today

- How to deal with employee criticism on social media

- How to make your employer brand a front line reputation management

- What you need to do to make sure you deliver on the promises you make about your employer brand