Meet the Editors: ITV Channel Television

  • Nimesh Joshi, Programme and Digital Editor
  • Rob Moore, Content Editor and On-screen Journalist

As well as providing an insight into ITV Channel Television and how its daily news service operates on-air and online, Nimesh and Rob will also offer some thoughts on the evolving world of news in a local context.

Nimesh joined the ITV Channel Television newsroom at the start of 2017 after working as a planner, producer and manager at ITV Central in Birmingham and Nottingham and as a senior manager at ITV West Country in Bristol. Nimesh is committed to ensuring that Channel's programme reflects the key issues across the islands and that it's a programme that is truly inclusive of our local communities.

Rob Moore is a Content Editor and On-screen Journalist at ITV Channel Television. He joined Channel's Guernsey team in 2010 following five years running the news desk at local commercial radio station Island FM.

Nimesh and Rob will explain their likes and dislikes, do’s and don’ts when it comes to PR people and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions from the floor.

The session will start by taking a look at the first half of that evening’s main news bulletin so please arrive in time for a prompt 6pm start!