Is fake news undermining democracy?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to assess whether information is authentic. The ability to critically question everything we read has never been more important. ‘Fake news’ and ‘post-truth’ are a new threat to the reputation of organisations, genuine news media and the PR profession as a whole. Every PR practitioner now needs to be able to understand these issues and be able to deal with it on behalf of their clients and organisations.

Organised by the CIPR South West and CIPR Local Public Services as part of Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Ethics Festival and to coincide with Local Democracy Week, this event aims to bring together different perspectives and viewpoints – dealing with everything from the role of ethical PR to life inside the personal-bubble and Internet of Me.


Sarah Pinch FCIPR – Chair

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, University of Bristol

Ben Fowkes, Commercial Director, Delib

Neil Bennett, Editor, BBC Points West