have your say on the future of your CIPR

We are reviewing our governance for the first time in 10 years to ensure the CIPR is strong, sustainable, and fit for the future. We are proposing changes to align our governance with our strategic ambitions, creating a structure that is transparent, modern, and truly reflective of the diverse voices in our field.

We are running an online consultation from 17 January to 29 February to gather members' views on our proposals.

If you are a CIPR member, have your say on the future of your CIPR and take part in the consultation today.

Our proposals for change

We are proposing changes to our governance in four key areas:

  • Board of Directors
  • Nominations Committee
  • President's role
  • Council

In this video, CIPR President Rachael Clamp and CIPR CEO Alastair McCapra speak to the CIPR's Jon Gerlis about what is changing and why.

Watch the video to understand more about the review and proposals or visit our FAQ page.




How to take part in the governance consultation

1) Review the proposed changes to our governance in this downloadable pdf

2) Visit our consultation survey to let us know what you think of each set of proposals and to comment on the proposals individually

3) To understand more about the process we've been through so far and the rationale for the changes, hear from some of our governance working group members on YouTube

4) If you have any questions on the review or the proposals, please email Eva Mota, CIPR Governance Officer and EA to CEO

The governance review process


March-December 2023
Council and Board agree on the need to look at governance change; a joint working group of Board and Council members develops proposals for change that are reviewed on three occasions by Council and twice by the Board

January 2024
Governance consultation runs from 17 Jan – 29 Feb with members able to ask questions and share their views at event drop-ins with the CEO and President and via consultation survey

March 2024 

Feedback summary published and shared with consultation participants

April 2024
Extraordinary General Meeting confirms final proposed changes to our charter and bylaws, and we approach Privy Council for consent 

July 2024
Council and Presidential nominations open under revised governance 

September-October 2024

Elections for Council and the Presidency under new rules

November-December 2024
Elections for the Board under new rules 

January 2025
Council, Board and President-elect take office under revised governance 


The Governance Working Group

Our thanks to the governance working group who developed, with Board and Council input, the proposals for change.

Donna Castle
Dan Gerrella
Anne Gregory
David Hamilton
Hayley James
Paula McNulty
Claire Melia
Jenifer Stirton
Rebecca Zeitlin
Mitzi Wyman (Volunteer Working Group Coordinator)