Resources for Members covering their professional ethics and the Code of Conduct.

Ethics Hotline - 0207 631 6969 - get advice on how to manage ethical decisions

"Integrity" - Interpreting the Code of Conduct

CIPR Ethical Decision Tree

Professionalism and Ethics - includes the interactive CPD module

Ethics Festival 2016 - events and resources for the 2016 month-long ethics festival

Best Practice Guidance

PR Register - a full list of all CIPR members accountable to the Code of Conduct

Enforcing the Code of Conduct

Making a complaint

Published breaches of the Code of Conduct

CIPR Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct in full

In summary:

All members of the CIPR are bound by the Code of Conduct. They make the commitment on joining and renew this annually when they renew their membership.

Under the principles of the Code, members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations agree to:

  • maintain the highest standards of professional endeavour, integrity, confidentiality, financial propriety and personal conduct;
  • deal honestly and fairly in business with employers, employees, clients, fellow professionals, other professions and the public;
  • respect, in their dealings with other people, the legal and regulatory frameworks and codes of all countries where they practise;
  • uphold the reputation of, and do nothing that would bring into disrepute, the public relations profession or the Chartered Institute of Public Relations;
  • respect and abide by this Code and related Notes of Guidance issued by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and ensure that others who are accountable to them (e.g. subordinates and sub-contractors) do the same;
  • encourage professional training and development among members of the profession in order to raise and maintain professional standards generally.

For further information or advice on the CIPR Code of Conduct and the processes that support it, please contact:

Martin Horrox, Regulatory Consultant
0207 631 6969
Chartered Institute of Public Relations,
52-53 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HP