Our annual State of the Profession report has, for ten years, explored the trends, issues and challenges facing public relations. It is the largest and most statistically robust investigation of its kind. From skills and salaries to diversity and gender pay, State of the Profession delivers industry-leading data on every aspect of the PR profession.  

State of the Profession 2019/20

This year’s report explores practitioner views on social mobility and being part of a professional community.

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State of the profession 2018/2019

This year’s report focused on the issue of mental health within the public relations profession.

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State of the profession 2017/2018

State of the Profession 2015/16

State of the Profession 2014/15

State of the Profession 2013/14

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For any queries relating to the survey or the research report, please contact PR and Policy Manager, Jon Gerlis