Eva Maclaine Found.Chart FCIPR, Principal of Maclaine Communications

Eva Maclaine's paper looked at the challenges of modern international communication practice.

Who are you and what's your day job?

I'm a PR strategist specialising in strategy development, and in reputation, issues and stakeholder management.

As a multilingual PR professional (French, Russian, Polish, Italian), I've delivered quite a few comms programmes globally, for example in Poland, Cyprus and the South Pacific, as well as in the UK.

What's the greatest opportunity for the public relations profession?

There are several.

Public relations is about what organisations do. We must show we add value by managing reputations. Our contribution to an organisation's financial and operational success through listening, analysis, planning and measurement is real and tangible.

Next, we must grasp the opportunities that come through increased globalisation. Campaigns often transcend borders and speak to global audiences. International experience and intercultural sensitivity is increasingly valuable and even essential.

We also need to embrace digital communication. The territory is being fought over by numerous disciplines. We must make sure that it is rightfully ours.

Why did you apply for Chartered PR Practitioner status?

It's no use prattling on about professional development if you don't do any yourself. As a Fellow of the CIPR, an elected Board and Council member, I thought it was important to attain this 'gold standard'. And now I find it's of great value in my work.

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