Jon Clements Found. Chart.PR MCIPR, founder of Metamorphic PR, Manchester

Jon's paper explored the role of public relations in managing organisational reputation.

Who are you and what's your day job?

I'm the founder of Manchester-based Metamorphic PR, a consultancy specialising in B2B PR, content creation and corporate/marketing communications.

The day job involves providing consultancy to clients both directly and in partnership with other PR and marketing agencies. Given half a chance, I also blog on the website.

What's the greatest opportunity for the public relations profession?

Some marketing communications professionals have been quick to pronounce the death of PR, citing social media, SEO and self-publishing as PR's nemeses. But good PR people are those who live and breathe the concept of building and protecting reputation for businesses, organisations and individuals. That can't be replicated easily by other communications disciplines – but the PR profession needs to work harder to emphasise this capability, and the value it brings, again and again.

Why did you apply for Chartered PR Practitioner status?

I entered PR via other careers in journalism and teaching, where I'd obtained formal qualifications. After more than 10 years in PR, learning from hands-on experience, the Chartered Practitioner status provided the opportunity to get independent certification of my professional ability and instil the discipline for career-long learning through CPD.

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