Annette Spencer Chart.PR, FCIPR, Interim Communications Director

Annette Spencer was one of the first to qualify for Chartered Practitioner status under the new format for assessment, in November 2015.

Who are you and what's your day job?

Annette SpencerI'm a communications director with specialist experience in financial and professional services. After a number of roles for international brands, I now work as an interim communications director for organisations such as Zurich Insurance and the Financial Conduct Authority.

What's the greatest opportunity for the public relations profession?

Modern working life is increasingly about communicating and building reputations. Greater interconnection with customers, employees and stakeholders is making the value of PR as a strategic element in any organisation's management irrefutable. That's the opportunity we need to realise.

Why did you apply for Chartered PR Practitioner status?

I've always valued academic qualifications alongside hands-on experience to demonstrate my professional value. So after an MBA and many years of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) with the CIPR, Chartered Practitioner seemed the right next step for me.

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