Steve Shepperson-Smith Chart.PR, MCIPR, Dip CIPR

Who are you and what's your day job?

Steve Shepperson-Smith Chart.PR MCIPRI work in the corporate communications team at Vodafone Group Plc and am editor of the its technology and innovation blog. During my career I have worked in agencies and in both operational and corporate in-house roles.

What's the greatest opportunity for the public relations profession?

Brand value is now an accepted metric that helps companies justify a budget and Board-level support for marketing teams. The biggest opportunity for the public relations industry is to develop a robust measure for the value of reputation.

Why did you apply for Chartered PR Practitioner status?

I believe in the importance of continuous professional development. Applying to become a Chartered PR Practitioner was an opportunity to discuss my beliefs about PR, and experience, in front of peers. The assessment process was challenging, and extremely valuable in helping to further develop me as a practitioner. Further, I hope that one day all employers will expect senior PR professionals to have qualifications from the CIPR or an equivalent credible accreditation body.

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