Paul Wilkinson, 3:22PM, 16 August 2016 The CIPR Construction & Property Special Interest Group (CAPSIG) is gathering the views of its members following the result of the European Referendum.

The CIPR Construction & Property Special Interest Group (CAPSIG) is gathering the views of its members following the result of the European Referendum. Members canvassed to date see risks and opportunities following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and are developing a risk register which will be regularly updated as our discussions continue.

Paul Wilkinson, 1:05PM, 17 May 2016 Skills in Construction and CAPSIG AGM

The CAPSIG AGM will be held on Thursday 19 May 2016 at the CIPR headquarters, 52-53 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HP. Registration will open at 6pm with the AGM starting at around 6.15pm.

Paul Wilkinson, 12:55PM, 17 May 2016 The 2016 Built Environment Communication and PR Awards

The 2016 Built Environment Communication and PR Awards, organised by International Building Press with the CIPR’s Construction and Property Group (CAPSIG), will be presented at an awards event in London on 16 June.

iprovision, 3:45PM, 1 September 2011 Countdown to The Olympics

Speakers Darryl Siebel and Miriam Wilkens from the British Olympic Association gave us an insight into how you manage the influx of 30,000 journalists for one event, how you decide which 400 UK media get the "golden tickets" of entry to the Games, and how you make both the athletes and their friends and family aware of the power of the media and what can and cannot be said, especially in the age of social media.

Construction & Property Group, 4:45PM, 8 February 2013 Construction campaigns 2013

After a quick AGM, Stephen Ratcliffe, CEO of the UK Contractors Group, was the guest speaker at our first event of 2013. Stephen gave some background on recent campaigns and a foretaste of the campaigns to be run during the rest of 2013.

Construction & Property Group, 4:44PM, 13 February 2014 Construction and property: the budget and the final year of the Coalition

Following the 2014 AGM, CAPSIG hosted a public-affairs oriented discussion on what the property and construction sectors might like to see in the March 2014 Budget and what might happen in the final run-up to the 2015 General Election. We got insights on Brentford FC's west London development, district heating schemes, and affordable housing incentives, among many subjects.

Construction & Property Group, 3:43PM, 26 June 2014 WSP win CAPSIG-sponsored best in-house team at IBP Awards

The in-house PR team at construction consultancy WSP won the best in-house communication team category at the International Building Press communication and PR Awards, announced at the IBP Summer Party at McQueen's in Shoreditch on 26 June.

Construction & Property Group, 3:41PM, 1 July 2014 Successful joint event with Wessex Group

CAPSIG helped promote a joint event with the CIPR's Wessex group at Southampton Airport. The evening meeting looked at crisis handling during the floods and winter storms of Christmas 2013, with speakers from Bournemouth Borough Council and insurer AXA.

Construction & Property Group, 3:40PM, 11 September 2014 Online survey

We are running an online survey looking at construction PR professionals' use of social media. If you undertake any work in construction PR, please complete the survey, and also please share the link with other construction PR people you know.