Successful wellbeing workshop is rolled out nationally

Stress Relief - Iprovision A wellbeing seminar successfully piloted in Russell Square by the CIPR benevolent fund iprovision is being rolled out across the UK.

The pilot event, aimed at helping employees and bosses manage stress in the workplace and achieve a better work-life balance, took place early in the Summer and was highly acclaimed.

Now the workshop Positive Psychology - Increase your Resilience & Performance is being staged in Newcastle by the CIPR North East Group on September 1, with other national, regional and sectoral groups to follow.

Iprovision has joined forces with business psychologists and trainers Viv and Gill Thackray, from the leading consultancy Positive Change Guru, to offer the interactive session. During the two-hour workshop, the pair demonstrates how the right mind-set can revolutionise the way we get to grips with stress, performance and resilience.

"This is a radical departure for iprovision," said newly-elected iprovision chair Pat Gaudin. "For the last 50 years, the benevolent fund has helped CIPR members who have fallen on hard times and have had their lives devastated through illness or unemployment.

"But we believe that by giving people the tools to handle some of the stresses and strains of what for most of us is an exciting, fast-paced career, we can help them to cope with whatever life throws at them, and become more resilient.

"From an employer point of view, reducing stress levels for what is the key resource of their business – and helping colleagues to achieve a better work-life balance – makes for a happier, healthier and more productive office environment. It's a win-win scenario and we are hoping to see as many bosses at the Newcastle event as we do employees."

Positive Change Guru has worked with organisations as diverse as the BBC, the United Nations, The Football Association and Deloitte.

A recent session with the communications team at the Financial Times received unanimously positive feedback and was described as having: "generated a lot of conversation throughout the rest of the day and leaving the group with a lot of food for thought."

Participants in the Russell Square workshop were equally enthusiastic, adding:

"The content was very interesting and relevant – and having two presenters and interactivity worked in maintaining attention. The handout was excellent and backed up the seminar very well."

"I thought it was an excellent event, with very good presenters who engaged the audience well. The material was pitched at exactly the right level."

Tickets for the Newcastle workshop Positive Psychology - Increase your Resilience & Performance are available on eventbrite (link to follow) priced at £50 for CIPR members and £95 for non-members.

Registration is at 8.30am with the two-hour seminar kicking off at 9.00am. Any surplus generated from the event will go to iprovision – that is looking to boost its revenues and achieve its target of a £1 million investment fund generating income to continue its good works.

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