Crisis Communication - Regions Only

CIPR trainer: Jonathan Boddy FCIPR

Course aim

This one day course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to be able to manage communication responses in times of crisis. The course will also help you to develop the confidence to deal with major incidents and will demonstrate how to develop a workable crisis response plan.

Who should attend?

Aimed at those who are likely to be involved in managing crisis communications on behalf of client or their organisation.

What to expect?

•  simulated on camera crisis interviews
•  examination of case studies and practical exercises
•  sharing of experiences and best practice advice

Course Objectives

Participation on the workshop will provide you with the knowledge to:

•  the processes to develop content for a crisis plan
•  communicate with impact and authority, handle awkward questions under pressure and deliver statements
•  identify key stakeholders and create appropriate messages, recognising which media channels to use, how, and when
•  understand the need for speed, accuracy and co-ordination of response, both online and offline
•  social media and crisis response