Making movies with iPhones & iPads

CIPR trainer: John Whyte-Venables MCIPR.

Course aim

This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to produce professional quality video for the web and social media – using only an iPhone or iPad and a few inexpensive apps and accessories. Video is a great way of promoting your messages on websites and social media. Research shows that video-rich websites attract many more hits than text-only sites. This practical training course shows you how to shoot, edit and upload simple, effective high-definition video using the minimum of equipment.

Who should attend?

Mobile video journalism, or "mojo", is ideal for those on a low budget, who need to travel light or who need to generate video coverage against the clock. Charity workers, event organisers, field operatives, engineers and others working in remote locations and PRs managing a crisis are just a few of those who would benefit. No prior experience or knowledge is required. If you can use your phone you can produce quality video!

What to expect

  • training by a former BBC multimedia journalist
  • professional tips and key do's and don'ts
  • a comprehensive interactive practical course with hands-on experience.

Course objectives

Participation in the course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • plan video shoots
  • capture professional quality video footage using your iPhone or iPad
  • conduct interviews
  • edit video quickly and efficiently on your iPhone or iPad
  • upload video to video hosting and social media sites
  • promote your video.

Note: Apple users have access to a range of sophisticated, stable, easy-to-use video production apps and a wide selection of accessories. Android and Windows phone users don't, which is why we currently restrict our training to Apple product users only. We are monitoring the market and will adapt our training if the situation changes.

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