Smartphone video masterclass

CIPR trainer: John Whyte-Venables MCIPR.

Course aim

This one day mobile video skills workshop is aimed at practitioners who already have some experience of producing video on smartphones and iPads and who now want to step-up and produce more complex, dynamic and engaging online videos.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for those who’ve been on our 'Making smartphone video for social media' basic workshop, or similar course, and are now ready to build on their learning and experience. This course is also perfect for experienced conventional video producers who are looking for a smartphone video conversion course.

What to expect

  • Review of the latest tools, techniques and trends
  • Introduction to advanced planning, shooting and editing techniques
  • Hands-on project-based learning

Course objectives

Participation in the course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • plan more complex video shoots
  • integrate message management and storytelling in the narrative process
  • shoot professional style interviews
  • use sequences and relevant B roll to create professional looking video packages
  • create subtitles
  • work with the latest advanced editing apps

Tip: This intermediate level skills course is focused on the needs of those who are familiar and confident with basic smartphone video production techniques. If you have no previous experience of working with video on mobile platforms, you may wish to consider first coming on our introductory level course, Making smartphone video for social media.