Some of our bestselling PR training courses are now available on-demand on our innovative new e-learning platform.

Our on-demand courses give you complete control over your CIPR training experience. Choose the time, pace and location of your course and learn interactively with videos, audio, quizzes and more. 

On-demand courses to start today

Who is on-demand training for?

On-demand training may suit you better than a CIPR virtual or in-person course if you: 

  • have a small training budget or are self-funding your course 
  • have a challenging schedule
  • want to learn at your fingertips 
  • want to learn in another time zone
  • are self-employed and find it difficult to take a day off  

How much does on-demand training cost?

With on-demand training, you can learn and pay as you go. Each course contains a number of modules which can be purchased individually or as a course package. Modules start from £37.50 + VAT.

Experience our industry leading training your way

When you purchase an on-demand course module or package, you have 6 months to complete your training. Learn on your own terms and start today.

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Crisis Communication

This introduction to crisis communication includes eight modules on risks and issues, crisis comms planning, working with the media, social media in a crisis and more.

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ESG Communication

Get a comprehensive understanding of ESG communication in this 4-part on-demand course.

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Social Media Essentials

Take a deep dive into the different social media platforms, learn about social media for visual storytelling, engagement and algorithms, style and tone, paid ads and more.

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